Prizes and Distinctions

During every Air Fair edition we award companies for exceptional and innovative projects. The prizes and distinctions are awarded by a jury composed of:
Waldemar Topol – Technical Director at WZL2,
Magdalena Suplicka – Commercial Director at WZL2
Jędrzej Kowalczewski - Production Director at WZL2
Zbigniew Sulinowski – Commercial Department Manage
Piotr Kowalewski – Head of Quality Control at WZL2.
You can also apply for the award. Just fill in the application below and that’s it.

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Check out below who was awarded in 2017 – Prizes and distinctions – AIR FAIR 2017

No. Type of distinction Person honoured Description Remarks
1 Honorary distinction – Air Fair Statue Retired lieutenant colonel – Henryk Szkudlarz, pilot An award due to 50th anniversary of service and work in aviation Warsaw, Poland

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